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Website Traffic Verification

Website Traffic Analysis includes reliable audience and traffic measurement that is essential to the media buying and selling process. It is vital to attracting and retaining advertisers on the Web because it provides:

   Independent verification of the site activity
   Assurance of ad delivery
   Standardized and comparable performance indexes
   A level playing field for all sites

Verified's Web Traffic reports provide third-party verification of number of visits, new users, time spent on the site, and other key metrics. Our analysis and reports help you evaluate and maximize your success in attracting visitors to your site.

Our Web Traffic are affordable and require no changes to your site or additional effort by your staff. Our comprehensive approach offers three levels of reporting:

1) measurements of up to 5 indexes such as unique users, total visits, time/length of visit, page views, most requested pages, most active users, and hits per selected page.

2) measurements of 10 indexes, link analysis, and a custom traffic review and summary.

3) measurements of 15 indexes, link analysis, streaming media analysis, advertising analysis, and an extensive traffic review and summary.

We recommend quarterly auditing. With the purchase of any two sequential quarterly Web audits, a semiannual report will be issued at no additional cost. With ongoing audits of four quarters, an annual audit will be included at no additional cost.

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