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Readership and Engagement Surveys

Media buyers are looking for more than circulation figures. To maximize confidence in advertising purchases, you need to document that you reach an interested and loyal group of readers and that the characteristics of this audience are a good match with their target demographic. Knowledge of your marketplace and readership is essential to your success.

Verified's customReadership and Engagement surveys are designed with these goals in mind. We offer surveys that are integrated into the audit process as well as stand-alone programs.

We conduct surveys by telephone, through preprinted in-paper questionnaires, and online. We also manage survey design, survey tabulation, and presentation of the findings.

Along with confirming receipt and readership, our surveys provide valuable information on reader demographics, favorite sections, time spent with the publication, buying habits, entertainment preferences, competing media, and other key issues. We are experts at delving into the lifestyle and behavior of your readers.

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