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Verified Audit Circulation was founded in 1951 to provide audits for free community newspapers and trade magazines. In the early days of circulation auditing, in fact for close to half a century, free distribution periodicals were excluded from the auditing process.

Mrs. Geraldine Knight, Verified's founder, was a true circulation auditing pioneer. By combining research based on direct contact with recipients to existing paid-circulation auditing procedures, Knight developed innovative procedures to confirm receipt and readership of free newspapers and magazines.

Following its success with circulation audits of free (controlled) publications, Verified expanded its services to include audits of paid newspapers and magazines, free rack distributed publications, directories, alternate distribution, and other advertising media. In recent years, Verified has added website auditing, digital tracking of direct-to-door marketing, and reporting on total audience reach to its range of services.

Verified continues to maintain its position of leadership and innovation by introducing many new elements to auditing and research services.

Verified firsts:
  Invented circulation auditing for free publications
First audit utilizing in-person and telephone research to verify distribution and readership
  First to report circulation by ZIP code
First audit of free distribution to be authorized by USPS for requester audits
  First with custom reporting software and online reporting
  First auditing firm to offer audits of free rack distribution

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