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A word from Verified’s CEO

Verified is monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and we’re working to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our clients as well as provide for the health and safety of our employees during this crisis. We’re all seeing the immediate impact on the publishing ecosystem — with ramifications expected over the months to come.

To support our customers, we have taken these steps:

  • Moved some employees to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures that you continue to receive service and support.
  • Worked closely with our partners to make sure we have additional resources to take care of employees, and by extension, our clients.
  • Suspended all on-site auditor visits. We will conduct audits at Verified’s corporate offices or rescheduled as necessary.
  • Continue to be available to answer our client’s questions or concerns during regular business hours.

Because of the unique circumstances impacting our client’s ability to conduct normal operation and adhere to Verified’s guidelines, we’ve adjusted our requirements to address some of your concerns.

Recency of Renewal Optional
Publishers have the option to omit the Recency of Renewal table for their June 2021 audit. This is not mandatory, but available to those upon request.

There is an additional option to roll up the Recency of Renewals table to include a single category for the 1-3 year renewals instead of the individual 1, 2 and 3 year breakout. 

Omitted Issues
The limit of omitted issues allowed for a publication is being waived through June of 2021. Publishers can omit issues at their own discretion and without approval from Verified.  The omitted issues will not be included in the total qualified circulation in the Audit Report or Publisher’s Statement.

Reporting and Materials Deadlines
We have extended the deadline for submitting requested audit materials and workbooks. Please contact Verified to discuss revised due dates further.

Disruption in Distribution
Verified will allow any changes to distribution, such as temporary suspension of delivery, because of this emergency. There will be no penalty for changes in distribution.

As the situation evolves, know Verified will respond in real-time to make sure we’re here supporting our clients. Working together, we can find safe and effective solutions during this difficult time.


Tim Prouty,
CEO, Verified Audit Circulation

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